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Calm down instantly and stop thinking. Flowers and beautiful MUSIC to relieve stress and sleep

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Beautiful city flowers and gentle background music to distract yourself, relieve stress, and relax.
How nice it is to
remember the summer days on a cold autumn or winter day. Delicate, beautiful, city flowers on the lawn, in the city park, some have blossomed, some buds not opened.
Make yourself a cup of hot drink, tea or coffee, make yourself more comfortable and relax and relieve tiredness, fight with strength and energy. Many people love flowers, admire flowers, it does not matter if it is urban, garden flowers or wild and wild flowers, especially when the flowers have their own unique delicate aroma, smell of freshness, their natural smell and aroma. Bouquets of flowers are used to decorate celebrations, events, or put in a vase on the table at home, and you will already have an atmosphere in the room.
There is such an expression - the earth smiles with flowers.
Beautiful nature, spring and summer city flowers in the park - this is a video with flowers, a small message to you so that your day becomes a little better and you have a good mood.
Use it as a background or as: soothing music, music for sleeping, gentle city flowers in the park, for yoga, for meditation, for sleeping.
Enjoy your viewing, dear viewer.

~ ❤ ~

My name is Victor, I have been fond of photography and video shooting since 2012. Shot on Panasonic GH - 4. I am the author of all videos on the channel and all filming, all copyrights belong to me. All original files are preserved.
Location: Gomel.

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