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What Is Machine Learning? (Explained in 5 Minutes)

Machine learning is one of the most exciting innovations in human history. It is a revolutionary technique that makes micro decision-making much more scalable than it used to be. In this video, we will try to provide a brief explanation that allows you to understand what is machine learning. Also, we will talk about the three types of traditional machine learning models: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement ML models. Finally, we will pay attention to deep learning and will compare it to traditional machine learning methods. This video is a bold attempt at explaining in 5 minutes a topic that merits tens of hours. This is not a comprehensive guide, but rather an introduction to the world of machine learning that aims to get you excited about the field.

0:00-0:25 Video intro
0:25-0:55 Machine learning and parenting
0:55-1:06 Machine learning is about problem solving
1:06-1:39 The more training data you have, the better the algorithm will perform
1:39-1:54 365 Data Science promo
1:54-2:01 Types of machine learning
2:01-2:22 Supervised learning
2:22-2:48 Unsupervised learning
2:48-3:00 Reinforcement learning
3:00-3:30 Fine tuning a model
3:30-4:12 Popular types of machine learning
4:13-5:00 Deep learning introduction
5:00-5:20 Deep learning use cases
5:20-5:46 How to choose between traditional ML and Deep Learning
5:47-6:16 Machine learning is a decision-making tool

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