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Harry Potter Is REAL

We bet that even the biggest Harry Potter fans don't know EVERYTHING...
Because Hermione, Ron and Harry are hiding secrets you never knew!
Did you know Harry existed? Long before Daniel Radcliffe, ...
Emma Watson or Ruppert Grint played them in the cinema, our three protagonists were greatly inspired by the real life of JK Rowling.
In this video, you will learn the best anecdotes from the Harry Potter universe.
Spielberg fired from the project, JK Rowling very demanding on the set, the real face of the dementors: the film will no longer have any mystery for you!

00:00 Introduction
01:10 JK Rowling's life
08:36 Harry Potter comes to life in the cinema
10:47 The perfect casting
10:32 Behind the scenes
16:19 Why is the saga so successful?

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If you've ever dreamed of being a little mouse and strolling around the sets of the world's greatest films, then this show is made for you! Did you know that Harry Potter actually existed? That the technical crew of Titanic was poisoned? That half of the shots from Jaws were thrown in the trash? Come and discover the secrets, anecdotes, and hidden stories of cinema.


Host: Sarah Moliski
Producer: Mathilde Joulié
Project Manager: Juliette Hallot

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