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Target Darts Corona Vision DartBoard Light Review and Demonstration

In this video we take a good look at the Target DartBoard Light and demonstrate how it works. Amazon UK: Amazon US: In this video i also show another use for these dart board light rings.

Unicorn have their own version of the dart board light ring. Amazon UK: Amazon US:

Budget Dart Board Light:

St helens dart shop:

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In this video we review the Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System

1 X Corona Dartboard Lighting System - Containing 1 x LED Light ring, 4 x Magnetic feet, 1 x Plug, UK and EU Adapter, 1 x Power supply, 1 x instruction manual

Innovative Design - The Corona Lighting System by Target Darts features 360 degree LED lighting for your dartboard offering no shadows, fast installation, simple assembly and 12 month warranty

Quick and Easy Installation - No extra tools are needed as the simple magnetic feet ensure the corona light can be installed in seconds directly to your dartboard. Click on and play

Compatible with all Dartboards - Fits easily with all cabinet sets, surrounds or any other professional set up. You can take your Corona with you and quickly attach it any system, great for wherever you need it

Shadowless - The 123 LED lights that are built into the Corona setup ensures there are no shadows on your dartboard and put out consistent light in all conditions including darker and more well-lit rooms

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