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The Map of Engineering

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The field of Engineering
is amazingly diverse touching just about everything in our world. In this video I attempt to capture all of that diversity in one picture: the Map of Engineering, so that we can get our heads around it all and set some bounds on the subject. If you are interested in learning about engineering or want to pursue it as a career this video might help you figure out what direction to pursue.
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--- Credits ---
Writer, art, animation and edited by Dominic Walliman
I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects for the graphics (for the many people who ask 🙂

--- Chapters ---
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Civil Engineering
04:55 Chemical Engineering
06:55 Bio-engineering
08:23 Mechanical Engineering
13:04 Aerospace Engineering
13:38 Marine Engineering
14:18 Electrical Engineering
17:50 Computer Engineering
19:33 Photonics
20:43 Sponsorship Message
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