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Final Lap R by Namco (1993) - WIP progress video emulation on MAME 0.234-GIT

Final Lap R, fifth and latest chapter on Namco's Final Lap F1 arcade racing game series. WIP progress video emulation on MAME, now scaling sprites are completely visible!

Very poor gameplay, ...
very good visual improvements! 😛

Additional info from Wikipedia:
Final Lap R (ファイナルラップR, Fainaru Rappu Āru) is a racing arcade game which was released by Namco in 1994. It is the fifth game in the Final Lap series, and was licensed by FOCA to Fuji Television (as shown on its title screen). Like its predecessors, it allows up to eight players to play simultaneously when four two-player cabinets are linked together (but Player 4 and 8's car is now affiliated with Benetton replacing Tyrrell from the previous game) - and it also features four new tracks set in Germany, Hungary, Belgium and Brazil.
In Japan, Game Machine listed Final Lap R in its March 15, 1994 issue as being the country's third most popular upright arcade game at the time. A reviewer for the French publication Consoles Plus described it as "the swan song of 2D F1 simulation games", and admired its graphics and fast-paced gameplay.

Namco System FL specs:
CPU: Intel "i960-KB" 32-bit RISC @ 20 MHz
Sound & I/O CPU: Mitsubishi "M37702" 16-bit (Marked as Namco "C75") @ 16,384MHz
Sound chip: Namco "C352" PCM stereo 4 channel output

My PC Specs:
CPU: i7-8700k OC @ 5.0 GHz
RAM: 16 GB DDR4-3200
GFX: ASUS RTX 2080 Dual Fan OC 8 GB GDDR6 @ 2 GHz core boost/1750 MHz memory
OS: Windows 10 64-bit Pro 21H1
Software recording: Shadowplay Share from Geforce Experience @ 4K 60fps

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