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🔴 To design a great poster, make all three components strong and eye-catching. Try to come up with a great phrase that conveys a message about your product and ...makes the reader want to look at the rest of the poster. Body. Underneath the headline should be one or two sentences that advertise your message.
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📁 Image Download link : https://www.jujoydesignbangla.com/2021/08/advertisement-poster.html
⚠️ Read All Rules Before Use for Commercial Any Photo, Image, Font & Brushes

✅ Bottle Image & Logo Credit by : Aguila Fusión Limón
✅ This Poster Created only Tutorial Purpose not Commercial.

✅ How To Design a Poster From Scratch
⭐ ➤ Identify the goal of your poster.
⭐ ➤ Consider your target audience.
⭐ ➤ Decide where you want to share your poster.
⭐ ➤ Select a pre-made poster template.
⭐ ➤ Pick a relevant or branded color scheme.
⭐ ➤ Include a clear call to action.
⭐ ➤ Use varied fonts to create visual hierarchy.

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