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Are Russian Girls BOTHERED by Older Men?

For most Russian girls, love is blind to certain age gaps. Russian culture when it comes to romantic relationships have both received praise and criticisms from people outside Eastern Europe.

It’s common for people to think negatively about things they know nothing about, so that’s why there are skeptics when it comes to relationships with a huge age gap.

Russian women seem to prefer dating someone older than them. Other people conclude that Russian girls who date and marry older men only desire financial stability and a green card out of Eastern Europe. This stigma is only happening to most Slavic women from a developing country like Russia who are seeking men for marriage outside of their region.

From that scenario, you can guess that people are somewhat biased when it comes to this stigma. Aside from the amazing stories of true love that countless foreign men have found in Moscow, Russia, it can’t be denied that there are Western men who fall short in establishing a strong relationship with Moscow girls.

Sometimes, this failure is due to some unrealistic expectations. For older foreign men, the journey toward a tsar experience on dating younger women in Russia is quite brighter because of their beliefs and culture.

However, younger men are expected to have some difficulty to create a connection of their dreams with older Russia ladies. This is because most girls in Russia consider the life experiences of a man as an important factor in his maturity.

It’s hard for Russian brides to believe that younger men are responsible and mature because they are already traumatized by their past experiences.

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