Best Oil Filters Made 70 Years ago

What is inside 70 year old Fram & Pennzoil Oil filters, lets find out with a oil filter comparison & cut open oil filters.
Best oil filter project vintage. see
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I don't understand why quality has become so bad with many oil filter manufacturers. Aftermarket or OEM the best engine oil filters made. The worst oil filters are also cut open. Acdelco oil filter comparison.
After I cut open these oil filters I was STUNNED! Proof wix xp oil filters & Mobil1 isn't the only oil filter you need to see cut open but also the fram tough guard oil filter even K&N oil filter in comparison to supertech oil filter. We even review Fram ultra synthetic vs wix xp. Best oil filter mannol? or bosch oil filter even Microgard oil filter.
Today on Nates interactive auto we show the engine oil filters that are supposed to be known for high quality. Unfortunately that is easier said as we show why opening The Mobil1 extended performance motor oil filter. Next Fram ultra synthetic oil filter. Even more unbelievable The wix xp extended performance. with today's extended drain intervals oil filtration is more important than ever. Do not use fram filters? you decide for yourself. oil filter review with royal purple, amsoil and many other brands you must know about like super tech oil filter. best oil filter or oil filter comparison you decide like purolator oil filter and synthetic oil filter. good oil filters such as k&n oil filter also tested napa oil filter plus stp oil filter or even oil filter review.

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