I can't believe Mechanics Oil Change Service Special

Automotive shops service special includes charges that are definitely questionable.
If you go to a dealership or a quick lube, you should always take a look at the bill closely. ...
This isn't to say those above shops are doing anything wrong. If you can change your own oil, that would be beneficial. If you can't change your oil safely and properly, don't. There are many great motor oils you can use, such as Valvoline 10 w30, Mobil1 5w30, full synthetic extended performance, or Amsoil signature series. Just be sure to use the viscosity your car manufacturer suggests. Oil change fail or brake service special gone wrong as I explain in the video. There are many of the best engine oils that I haven't even mentioned , like Liqui Moly Engine oil. This video is for entertainment purposes only.
Always follow manufacturers' recommendations and qualified professionals.
I prefer not to show the shop or company that I discuss in the video because many shops share the same name, such as Jiffy lube, but can be very different.

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