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Main Event Mafia Take over iMPACT! - OSW 122

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A HISTORIC episode of iMPACT, and the main reason we chose this arc! Watch as the Main Event Mafia take over ...
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Note: the Brucie bonus episode mentioned at the end of the vid will be up by the time this vid goes live. No spoilers!

longer episode description: The iconic, historic episode of iMPACT where the Main Event Mafia take over the show! Featuring alter egos of Kevin Nash & Booker T on commentary (Chet Lemon & Black Snow) and Big Poppa Pump doing ring announcing. It's SO GOOD!

✂️ Chris of RLS (video editing) @ScummOfTheEarth
✂️ Dan MacRae (rando 👙 splicey) https://tvpowerhang.substack.com/
🎨 JetpackBraggin (GTA character artwork) https://twitter.com/JetpackBraggin
🎨 Werner Mueck (character artwork) https://www.instagram.com/quiblybrakwrestling/
🎞️ Lee Mounsey-Smith (GTA character animation) https://twitter.com/LeeMounseySmith
🎞️ Lewis The Relinquished (Sui-Simpsons animation) https://twitter.com/lewisawyer
🎙️ Takahata101 (Homer voice grunts)
🤼 FrazDav (3D model artwork)
🤖 Nick Acosta (AI upscaling) https://twitter.com/Nick_Acosta
🎮 V1 (splicey, 2K23) https://twitch.tv/OSWreview
🍻 Jay (main host, audio editing, final video editing) https://twitter.com/OSWreview
🐦 OOC (for being OOC) contact via carrier pigeon
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0:00 Steiner welcome!
1:20 Helloooo!
4:46 MEM Takeover Start
10:14 Scott Steiner ring announcer
14:43 Angle's posing pouch
19:40 Booker T vs 2 Refs
23:06 OOC vs Earl Hebner
26:01 Female plants in the crowd
29:31 American Gladiators Matt Morgan
41:12 Hilarious Booker T beatdown!
53:01 Weebles
55:02 Halfcore Match: Abyss vs Steiner
58:57 Sui-Simpsons Segment
1:01:49 Magnus 200K or we take it to Sky
1:02:55 Cowboy Chaps
1:04:52 Main Event! Kurt Angle vs L.A.X.
1:11:25 Historic Samoa Joe return teaser!!
1:16:25 MEM Best Quotes compilation
1:18:27 Aftermath
1:21:41 A Winner Is You!

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