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🏆🍫 OSW Awards 2022 | 8th Golden Noggers!

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The EIGHTH OSW awards show, hot-dogging across 19 categories! Will Scott Steiner get his THIRD Roidy Magoo award? Will Greg
the Gastank be vindicated? Is Horace the key to all of this? Find out in the 2-hour SPOOTACULAR!

The Golden Noggers is OSW's award shows, usually done annually but now after every arc. This ceremony covers the videos after OSW97 (WrestleMania XI) through to the entire Warrior in WCW arc. Watch ALL 8 OSW Award shows: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKjsTHExZ2Sl8fNiU8F5QGUXi6KCxXak_

0:00 Awards Show Intro
1:34 Foxy Stoat!
3:25 Year In Review
18:25 The Rules
20:00 Awards Start!
20:22 Best Original Music
28:17 Best Song Cover
31:49 Best Artwork
36:35 McKodem Animation Award
42:42 Best Intro
48:01 Best Episode
53:29 What Bar of the Year
56:46 Favourite Segment
1:04:48 STATE of your Hair Award
1:09:14 Best Retrospective
1:14:30 Best Nitro Backstage Blast
1:17:53 Roidy Magoo
1:21:01 Hulk Hogan COTY Award
1:26:28 What A Pittance!
1:30:42 MVP
1:33:29 Running Gag
1:39:15 Best NU Axcloosiv
1:44:57 OSW Hall of Fame
1:51:42 OSW Quote of the Year
2:00:42 Outro

Edits made:
11.06-11.13 Yokozuna / Twitch Footage
28.36-28.50 RAW theme
1.28.35-1.28.47 Alex Wright / Funlay
1.36.53-1.36.58 Meng/Wrath
Removed spoiler for QOTY happening in Best Running Gag
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