Природа Зарисовки

Wind in the forest, the voices of birds. 1 hour of natural white noise.

The wind rustles in the branches - the white noise of nature. Birds chirp in the forest, background sounds of nature caress the ear.
Green foliage rustles, spring grasses sway in ...
the wind, insects buzz and fly.
How I like to walk in the spring forest. The forest helps me distract from the daily bustle, helps to restore the nervous system, relieve stress, restore strength.
I love nature - this is a real tool for raising the mood, for a good rest, for meditation.
Background sounds of nature, white noise - many use for meditation, for the background when reading a book, for study, for zen meditation.
Hiking in the forest is like one form of interaction with the outside world, as a means of immersion in a state of unity with nature, with a single source and with the creator.
Walks among forest paths, among beautiful trees, herbs, flowers, - green foliage. - to listen to the voices of birds, the sound of the wind, it is so inspiring and empowering.
It is not just that they say that beauty will save the world - I completely agree with this.
Imagine that you are in a beautiful place, among forest trees - forest grasses - and immerse yourself in a state of bliss and harmony.
Sometimes, in the noise of city everyday life, we forget that we can go to nature, relax, relax, relieve stress. But it is important to remember that nature helps to calm the mind from everyday hustle and bustle, relieve fatigue.
Each new encounter with nature is like a new breath, like a sip of water in the desert.

Many people use the sounds of nature as sound therapy, like white noise, background sounds - which cheer up and improve well-being.
Also, many people use the sounds of nature as a remedy for a restless mind. The sounds of nature help to relax - to take a break from problems.
Treat yourself to 3 hours of pleasant relaxation - the live sounds of nature.
I love nature, the sounds of nature help me relax, relieve stress, meditate, take a breath from problems.

“Turn on this video when you want to relax, unwind, relieve stress, relieve tension, relieve fatigue, make psychological unloading,” they say, the sounds of nature, nature, heals many diseases, let this video be meditation, a video with a spring forest, with the sounds of the forest - will give you strength and good health. A beautiful video, a forest river - a beautiful relaxation - you are touched.

My name is Victor, I have been fond of photography and video shooting since 2012. Shot with Panasonic GH - 4 . I am the author of all videos on the channel and all filming, all copyrights belong to me. All original files are saved. Location: Borshchevka village.

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