Природа Зарисовки

Sounds of a summer meadow, the cricket sings, the wind rustles, and the grass rustles. White noise.

A pleasant evening in the field, the lively atmosphere of an evening meadow in summer.
Beautiful grasses and wild flowers, sun glare at sunset, the sun is beautifully illuminating meadow flowers
and grasses, grasses swaying in the wind.
Pleasant romantic notes of the evening field. Live sounds of nature in the field, the sounds of the meadow, the voices of crickets are heard, the wind is melodious, the birds are chirping.
Summer and flying landscapes in the meadow - cheer up, increase the level of lightness and serenity in well-being.
Summer field herbs and flowers smell of freshness, hints of a light aroma of greenery, personal shades and smells.
Use the natural sounds of the evening meadow, the background sounds of crickets, as white noise, or as musical accompaniment. Cricket songs, cricket sounds are a good soundtrack for meditation, relaxation, or to relieve stress.
Walks in nature, hiking in the field - have a positive effect on the nervous system, they calm the nerves, relieve fatigue. White noise, for background sound.
It's nice to listen to the sounds of the field, the sounds of the meadow, the chirping of birds, the voices of crickets - this is a sincere atmosphere for a cool vacation.
Imagine that you are surrounded by meadow grasses and flowers, as if you had a picnic by the roadside, and feel this mood of an evening summer meadow.
It's nice to be in a meadow, among delicate grasses, among delicate flowers, to listen to the sound of the wind, the rustle of grass, the sounds of crickets - it's so romantic.
Sounds of a summer meadow, the wind rustles, the grass rustles, the cricket sings.
The soulful philosophy of nature, the sweet background sounds of the life of the field are the movement of life and growth towards the sun.
Sun glare and rays of the sun are reflected on the stems of grasses, a light breeze sways the flowers.
Immerse yourself in this state of natural idyll - the lightness and airiness of being.

Warm summer evening in the meadow. You can hear the sounds of nature, the gentle sounds of crickets, the sound of the wind, the pleasant sound idyll of nature - relax, rest, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of bliss and bliss.
Crickets sing pleasantly, the noise and sounds of the field, background sounds, white noise, for sleep - allow yourself to rest.
Good mood, pleasant emotions and good health!
Enjoy watching and have a good rest.
This video is 1 hour long, video quality is 2160p UHD.

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My name is Victor, I have been fond of photography and videography since 2012. Filmed on Panasonic GH - 4. I am the author of all videos on the channel and all shootings, all copyrights belong to me. All original files are preserved.
Filming location: Gomel. forest glade behind the Microdistrict "Swedish Hill".

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