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Retekess restaurant pager on promotion!

As the name suggests, the guest pager system will call up the corresponding number of pager through the transmitter keyboard. And the pager will beep and vibrate to inform customers that it is time to return to the front reception or go to the food pick-up place. With the reminder pager in hand, customers will not pay much attention to the queue, and they can walk around freely while waiting or get in their car and wait. In this way, the buzzer gives customers freedom, and at the same time keeps customers away from the front reception and the kitchen, reducing contact with employees and the probability of conflicts.
What's more, the pager system also helps the staff to focus on finishing the order and efficiently, instead of yelling the customer's name while looking for his or her place. When the food is ready, staff press the keypad and call the customer to pick up the meal, which can reduce the irritability of the customer waiting in the whole process, and the customer can treat the waiter more friendly.
Now, retekess restaurant pager is on promotion, the lowest price of the year, the promotion will end in 2 days, come and buy it!
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