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2 Dwarf Planets May Harbor Underground Oceans #planets #astronomy #universe

2 Dwarf Planets May Harbor Underground Oceans #planets #astronomy #universe

Scientists have unlocked a cosmic mystery: Eris and Makemake, two distant dwarf planets, may hide oceans beneath their icy exteriors. ...

Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, a surprising discovery was made - a unique type of methane on these planets suggests they're not as cold and lifeless as we thought.

This methane hints at geothermal activity, possibly warm enough to sustain underground oceans. Found in the remote Kuiper Belt, these worlds challenge our understanding of the solar system. While their surfaces are frozen, the presence of methane formed from deep within suggests a warmer, dynamic interior.

This revelation not only redefines what we know about Eris and Makemake but also sparks curiosity about other celestial bodies like Saturn's moon Titan, potentially revising theories on cosmic habitability.

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