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Skyline Design Glass Solutions For Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare environments are filled with unique and specific challenges. Products created for these environments must be soothing and restorative for both patients and providers, and must be easy to clean and resistant to infection.

Skyline Design products meet these challenges.

The creative and elegant glass designs for which Skyline Design is known have proven benefits in healthcare environments, and glass as a material is non-porous, durable, easy to clean and disinfect in place, and cost effective for both large and small facilities.


Since 1983, Skyline Design has supplied award-winning decorative glass to the health care industry, with more than 3,000 installations in place around the world, including in leading medical centers, laboratories, and hospitals.

All of Skyline Design’s products are made in the United States with locally sourced materials and are of the highest quality. All products are sustainably manufactured and made of glass, an infinitely recyclable material. The processes used by Skyline Design involve recyclable materials such as aluminum oxide, PVC-free films and interlayers, and water-based paints.
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