Stand Up To Racism

1 Year On From George Floyd's Murder - #BlackLivesMatter - We Need Action Now

With leading anti-racists & justice campaigners from Britain & the US including:

Diane Abbott MP • Kehinde Andrews, Author of “The New Age of Empire'' & Profesor of Black Studies •
Victor Sylvester, Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign • Elise Bryant, Coalition of Labour Women President & United Against Hate (US) • Aman Ali, Head of Community Engagement & Development at MEND • Bell Ribiero-Addy MP • Cammilla Mngaza, Free Siyanda Campaign • Lawrence Davies, Equal Justice solicitor for Belly Mujinga case • Anna Rothery, Lord Mayor of Liverpool • Shaka Hislop, ex footballer & Show Racism The Red Card ambassador • Natasha, All Black Lives UK • Andrew Boateng, campaigner who was accosted by police while cycling with his son • Rev Kobi Little, President of the Baltimore NAACP • Ryan Colaço, campaigner and target of racist stop & search • Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennett, Co-convenors of Stand Up to Racism

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer a year ago sparked a historic wave of global protests and a massive upsurge in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Without that movement, Derek Chauvin would likely have never appeared in court, and George Floyd's family would never have obtained justice. The movement also played a major role in the defeat of Donald Trump, the world's no 1 racist.

But structural racism and police violence is far from over.

In Britain, Black people are nine times more likely to face stop and search than white people - 18 times more likely under Section 60, where no reasonable suspicion is required.

The COVID-19 Crisis has disproportionately affected BAME communities in a huge way medically and economically, with thousands of preventable deaths and hundreds of thousands more forced into poverty.

Most shamefully, there is the endless list of deaths in police custody - where no British police officer has ever faced prosecution.

Instead of addressing this, the British Government responded to the #blacklivesmatter movement by launching a major racist offensive with a ‘Race Report’ that denies the reality of institutional racism, a Police and Crime bill targeting antiracists and a wave of legislation attacking refugee and migrant rights.
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