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Webinar: State of the Union, Health Disparities in Employer Sponsored Insurance (1/26/23)

- Orriel Richardson (Vice President of Health Equity and Policy, Morgan Health)
- Katherine Bobroske (Vice President of Data Science, Morgan Health)
- Cybele Bjorklund (SVP of Policy and Government Affairs, Virta ...

More than 150 million Americans depend on employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) for their health care, but the health outcomes of ESI enrollees has not been well understood given historical data gaps and limitations in analyzing health outcomes across race, ethnicity and income.

In late 2022, Morgan Health and NORC published a first-of-its-kind data analysis leveraging three nationally-representative, public surveys and national vital statistics records. Despite the perceptions of robustness of coverage among those with ESI, the results showed a sobering view of the health outcomes and affordability challenges of America’s largest insurance market.

“These findings are a wake-up call for business leaders on the severe health disparities that exist across the country’s workforce,” said Dan Mendelson, Morgan Health CEO. “The business community has a responsibility to understand and recognize these disparities, and more importantly, act to eliminate them. This will require active engagement with health plans and providers to close gaps and improve health outcomes.”

Watch this webinar for a deep dive of the breakthrough findings of this report, followed by a roundtable discussion with Morgan Health experts.
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