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Webinar: National Diabetes Reversal Survey (2022)

Webinar: Webinar: National Diabetes Reversal Survey (March 2022)

+ Jonathan Pearlstein, Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing, Virta Health
+ Kelly Close, Founder & President, Close Concerns; Diabetes & PreD Advocate
+ Richard Wood, CEO,
dQ&A - The Diabetes Research Company
+ Jackie Tait, Senior Analyst, dQ&A - The Diabetes Research Company
+ Abbie Davis, Ed.D., Virta Patient, Professional in Higher Education

Did you know that 78% of type 2 diabetes patients are unaware of “reversal”...but once they know, 87% are motivated to try it?

In December 2021, we partnered with The Diabetes Research Company to survey 1,000 people living with type 2 diabetes about their views and opinions on diabetes reversal. For the first time ever, we will unveil our findings in the area – specifically we’ll dive into patient receptivity, readiness, and awareness of the three treatment options that lead to diabetes remission: bariatric surgery, extreme low-calorie diets, and low-carb high-fat diets.

In addition, join us in welcoming special guest Kelly Close as she shares learning lessons from advocating diabetes wellness to benefits leaders, and a Virta patient to share their first-hand experience with Virta’s diabetes reversal treatment.
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